Corporate identity design

Corporate identity is the face of the company in the market. These are the colors, corporate fonts and graphics with which the brand is recognized by customers, partners and competitors. Development includes the creation of a logo and branding, the design of corporate documents and corporate packaging, corporate fonts and colors.


In order for the public to recognize your company in a crowd of competitors, it is important that every new brochure, banner, presentation, pen, and other image or advertising material is designed in a unique and strictly fixed style. The same goes for the corporate website.


Order the development of a corporate identity from us! We will help your company gain a foothold in the market, be remembered by the public, increase the effectiveness of advertising and sales from it.

What is a corporate identity for?

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A company that does not have a corporate identity is not taken seriously. It pales in comparison to competitors who are making themselves known. Many successful brands have earned a reputation and established themselves in the market thanks to an attractive and memorable logo or interesting color combinations.


A corporate identity for a company is a way to evoke the necessary associations from potential customers, to tell the company values. Thanks to him, the first impression of the brand is created, its reputation is formed and recognition increases. His job is to position the audience to trust, take hold in the client’s memory, and encourage cooperation. What should be the corporate style in the opinion of webwhale studio? Unique: distinguish the brand from competitors and emphasize its advantages. Informative – so that at a glance the customer can understand what the company is doing. Recognizable: Create associations with your brand and imprint in your memory. Contact our managers to order a corporate identity that no one can resist!

starting from 300€
Logo, business card, folder, letterhead, envelope
starting from 600€
3 logos, business card, folder, letterhead, envelope, a quick guide to using the corporate identity
starting from 1000€
5 logos, business cards, folders, letterheads, envelopes, souvenirs, a complete guide to the use of corporate identity