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Why do I need a website?

“What do I need a website for?” – These days the answer to this question has already become so obvious that almost anyone who wants to have a successful business can answer it. The site is the main tool in modern business, which performs 3 main functions: image, information and marketing.


Company image – is a well done and well designed site that forms a positive image of the owner of the site and therefore of his business.


Information – thanks to your website, you can provide thematic information to visitors about the company’s services, news, promotions, etc.


Marketing – by promoting your website on the net, you simultaneously increase the sales level of your goods or services.


If, by working with the site, you develop all these three areas, success is guaranteed in the form of new customers, sales, business proposals, etc. If you still have doubts about the need for a website, contact us by phone, Skype, email, videoconference. We will consider your business in detail and give many reasons for how profitable it is to have a website for its development. We’ll also show you how to save on website creation, find new customers, run an advertising campaign, and more! And the best part is that the orientation and address consultations are FREE!

Graphic and web design:

Currently, the word “Design” has many meanings and directions. In today’s business, without adequate and high quality graphics, no company can have its own prominent and distinctive brand. In our studio, we distinguish several main areas regarding design in the business world:


  • Development and creation of a logo, fonts and corporate identity.
  • Graphic design for printed products.
  • Exclusive website design as well as other web products such as banners, HTML letters, Postcards, etc.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can confidently say that all these three design directions must be combined in every single organization or company.


The key point, thanks to which the company can stand out and define itself in the market, is precisely this – Design and graphics suitable in harmony with your style!

Graphic design for logo and corporate identity:

The most initial and main stage in building a company’s image is creating a logo and developing a company’s identity. Above all, it is reasonable to evaluate all the advantages and characteristics of the company, on the basis of which the creation of a logo and the development of an identity are already formed. There are three main criteria for obtaining the desired indicative effect required in forming the image of the company:


  • Ideological thinking.
  • Professionally executed design.
  • Detailed study of the nuances and aspects of the design.

For a worthy and competitive position in the corporate market, each company must have its own exceptional and inimitable graphic design. A high quality logo will be associated with the company’s high quality products or services and will undoubtedly give an edge to promote your brand in the market.


Each company is unique in its services or products, the same is the case with the logo, it must be unique and combined with the main activities of the company, as well as have points of contact with the products or services that distinguish the company from numerous competitors. Creating a graphic design of the logo is by no means an easy task that can only be entrusted to professionals!


As a company grows in competition, so does its image. To highlight this image, to make it distinguishable from many, as well as to conquer a leadership position among new and old customers, it is necessary to develop an identity or corporate identity for the company. Thanks to a competent and high quality identity, the company stabilizes its marketing policy, as well as increasing its competitiveness.


The main advantages of a corporate identity are the information available about the company, services or products, combined with creative and worthy design solutions in the best design for you. With a corporate identity, the company will become your brand. often and easily recognizable and at the same time it will reach a new level of corporate policy.

Ask how to earn the trust of customers and partners? How to conduct a large-scale and effective promotion for a company? How to increase your brand image and awareness? There is only one answer: the creation of a graphic design for a logo, as well as the development of a corporate identity for your company!

Graphic design and execution in print

Once you have developed your logo and corporate identity, it is time to move on to printed products, which are far from being the last place in building the image of any company, be it a large company or a small family business. passing from generation to generation.


Exclusive business cards, letterheads and envelopes will help you improve your company’s reputation. With the help of a recognizable corporate identity in magazines, catalogs and brochures, you can present the description of your company, your goods or services to your dear customers in an accessible and pleasant way. Brochures, flyers, posters and flyers will undoubtedly have an impact on the appearance of new orders, as well as attracting repeat customers for your business. Advertising and outdoor posters will give you an extra 100 points when running a promotion!


As you may have noticed, the unique, high-quality graphic design of the printed materials will provide you with great service in any area of ​​your business.
High quality and memorable graphic design of printed products has always been popular in one industry or another. This can be one of the biggest benefits for your business in the competitive business arena.


Thanks to the high-quality design, you can confidently count on new customers, growth in sales of services or products, as well as the formation of business relationships and new partners.

Web design

Any business sooner or later thinks about the issue of expansion, in order to increase the income from the sale of services provided or from the sale of manufactured products. The best solution for a company is to open a representative office on the Internet. Creating a company homepage or developing an online store offers a great opportunity to take a business to a new level!


Here things are the same as in other areas of corporate design. The company’s website should stand out from the competitive crowd of other companies’ websites. The website design should be pleasant, convenient and at the same time thematic, depending on the business of the company. By observing all the rules of good manners when creating a website design, taking into account the characteristics of the services or products, as well as understanding the target audience for which it is designed, it is possible to achieve enormous heights in the form of increased sales , business growth and even the formation of new services or products.


However, this is not an easy job, as it requires experience, time, knowledge and skills. This is why website design development should be done in a professional web design studio, which can combine the business sphere and the internet sphere.


WebWhale Design and Web Development is exactly the studio where you can confidently order web design development for your site. Know that by placing an order with us, you will receive a website with a modern and high quality design, taking into account all your needs, which will help you take your business to a whole new level.

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