The company’s profile is the supply and wholesale of hydro-sanitary and thermal products, with an offer of solutions and pre-packaged products, both in the field of water supply, gas and heating.


The studio created the design of the desktop version of the DUNVEN catalog site. The design is made in corporate colors and in the style of the company. The DUNVEN website design is clean, light and tailored to business needs.


The main page is a complex of blocks that lead to different sections of the site. Great emphasis is placed on the first block with banners that lead to important content pages on the site. Each banner has a thematic photo to recognize the section this banner leads to.

The most important part of the DUNVEN website is the catalog. A huge advantage of the company is the range of its products. DUNVEN is fine with that. A large number of main categories and even more sub-categories are displayed perfectly on the catalog page. The categories are displayed in a grid with themed photos and a title. When a certain category is selected, a window with subcategories opens. Thanks to this move, the catalog page, even with a large number of categories, appears compact and easy to use.

During the development of the design, it was necessary to take into account that this is not an online store, which means that some rules for creating a product list will not work the way they would in an online store. DUNVEN product catalog has its own targeted structure.


The customer indicates the quantity of goods requested in a specific field and only then inserts the selected goods in the cart. Also on the catalog page there is pagination by pages and indicators for displaying the number of goods on a page.


The product page has a standard look for an online store or catalog site like this: following customer requests.

The” Cart “page is not complicated. There is a list of selected products and their quantity, which can also be changed here. The placing of an order takes place on the same page, for this it is sufficient to fill in and send the form below.


In addition to the order, this cart can be saved in your account as a “new cart”, or you can add the selected products to an already existing saved cart, which is very convenient for a large order, which must be formed more than one day .

In addition to the saved baskets, in your personal account there is an entry “My orders” – here you can find all the orders that have been placed from this account, with detailed information on each. Each order is presented in the form of a drop-down window, which makes it convenient to view both a single order and all at once. Each order can be downloaded in PDF format or printed directly from the website.

Communication with customers is an important part of the site. Especially when it is necessary to announce the arrival of a new product on sale or an upcoming sale. For this reason, a section with the news has been developed on the site. Where you can see all the latest news in an accessible and convenient form.

In addition to the pages relating to goods and orders, the site has pages with all the necessary information about the company, such as how to become a customer or partner of the company. To do this, simply complete and submit the application form. On the interactive map you can find a representative office where the company’s products are presented. And also all the necessary contact information can be found on the “Contact” page.