Graphic design

The first designers were primitive people, when they made rock carvings. Today, design products can be found in every phase: interiors, clothing, accessories, furniture, books, magazines, websites. During their creation, graphic design has a special role to play. Why?


A person perceives visual information better than textual information. The image immediately attracts his attention, helps to convey the essence quickly and concisely. Graphic design conveys information through visual images. An image is an effective tool in the fight to grab a customer’s attention, allowing them to quickly evaluate the benefits of a product or service and place an order.


Adobe’s modern graphic applications (Photoshop and Illustrator) help you create any visual image. By cleverly using color combinations, visual images, fonts and other elements, our designers will be able to present your brand information in the clearest and easiest way possible for perception. You will have a brilliant advertising product in your hands that will bring results to your business.

Who needs Planning & Design?

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Graphic design is necessary in advertising, where every second of customer attention is precious. It is used for the creation of business cards, brochures, flyers, billboards, posters, flyers. They are actively used in the promotion of brands: when they develop a corporate style, a company logo, create websites, infographics, illustrations for posts in social networks, souvenirs for promotions and other image products.


Graphic design is ordered by entrepreneurs who need to draw public attention to their brand, talk about products and services, and raise awareness. The elegant graphic design of webwhale studio is an easy presentation of information, a pleasant image and an effective solution of business problems. We will analyze the market, discover the needs of the target audience, present useful information in the form of graphic content that will convince customers to make a purchase from you.