InterVac Technology manufactures blood collection systems and medical devices. The company’s main products are vacuum blood collection tubes, as well as various accessories such as needles, holders, butterfly catheters, etc.


The studio designed and developed a complex corporate website with a product catalog. On the site you can easily and conveniently familiarise yourself with information about the company, its products and services. You can select and order a product of interest, as well as find a great deal of useful information on the subject.


The site uses the corporate colours, red and blue, as is the corporate element of the company “Heart”. The site is made in a sober “hospital” style, but all the rigor is softened by large and colourful photographs on the subject, as well as by thematic icons on various elements of the pages.

It is important for a company to show potential customers all the information they need. For this, various blocks of text have been developed on the “About the Company” page, where it is possible to read the history of the company, its mission and its plans for the future. In addition to such information on the site, reviews from customers and other search assistants play a useful role, which are constantly added.

On the “Products” page it is possible to read in detail the goods produced by the company, as well as access the catalog of these products. In addition to information on specific products, there is information on the manufacturing principles of these products and how the company ensures that all products are made of only high quality.

In addition to the products, the company provides services, which you can also read about on the website and order them here.

The site presents the company’s certificates in illustrative form, but you can download the certificate here by clicking on the button.

In the “Materials” section you can download brochures with useful information on the subject. All brochures are made in corporate style and are downloaded as PDF documents at the click of a button.

The catalog of the site has a non-standard structure due to the peculiarities of the products. The catalog is divided into two categories, tubes and accessories. If desired, the customer can view the list of all the company’s products on a single page.

On the page of a specific product sub-category, you can read its description, see the assortment of product variants, as well as download relevant useful materials in the form of PDF documents. If desired, the customer can order a free sample of each variation.

FAQs are a very important page for any website that sells products or services. Below are answers to frequently asked questions from customers when working with this company. If the requested question or answer was not found, you can always write your question or ask it by phone.

The “Contact” page contains all the contact information necessary for the customer to contact in case of questions or requests for a “special” offer. You can also contact via the feedback form, which greatly facilitates the communication process.