The Kahjuabi24 team has many years of experience in car insurance, appraisals and valuations. Thanks to the knowledge and skills to develop new insurance solutions, as well as the ability to negotiate with insurance companies, the company saves customers time and costs by improving their risk management skills and helps them solve their problems in fast, carefree and professional way.


For the Kahjuabi24 company, the studio has created a laconic and beautiful website where you can find all the necessary information if your car is involved in an accident. The Kahjuabi24 website is an excellent assistant for car enthusiasts.


The site design is made across the full width of the screen using large thematic photos. In addition, thematic icons are used here, thanks to which you can immediately understand what is written in a certain block, without even reading it.

The site has a very useful video for those involved in an accident, it tells how to behave and what needs to be done from the first minutes of the accident to the end of the procedure. Here you can also download the emergency deed form, to be filled in in the event of an accident.

Kahjuabi24 offers a replacement car or rental car for a while while your car is recovering from an accident. On the site you can familiarize yourself with the basic rules for using cars and concluding a deal, as well as see which cars are available to choose from.

The site has a section with useful information, which contains links to resources related to automotive topics, road accidents, damages, etc.

In the contacts of the site, in addition to all the information you need, there is a photograph of the building where the company’s head office is located, a map with its location, as well as a contact form for customer letters.