OÜ Kardis carries out various activities, united by a common task: assisting accountants and entrepreneurs.


The studio has developed an interesting website, which contains important knowledge of professionals, information on accounting seminars and courses, as well as much more on the subject of accounting.


From the main page of the Kardis website it is possible to access any section of interest to the visitor. Upon entering the site, the visitor immediately sees information about the next seminar, the main activity of the company. A large amount of text information is filled with color schemes, as well as thematic photos and icons.

On the site you can read information on the company’s services, both basic and secondary. The beautifully designed blocks contain all the necessary information and jump buttons for more detailed reading.

The longest section of the site are the Company Information pages. The main types of company activities are described in detail below, accompanied by thematic icons for a more convenient perception. You can learn about the management of the company and read in detail the lecturers who conduct accounting seminars and courses. And also to deepen the history of the company since 1992.

The “Club Information” page introduces visitors to what Kardis Accountants’ Club is. Tell the club rules and why you need to join this club.

Company head and part-time lecturer Vladimir Vaingort maintains a news column on the site. In the news, Vladimir shares his views on various things related to accounting and taxation. Such news will be useful for reading by any accountant and entrepreneur. Each news is accompanied by a thematic image. If he wishes, any visitor can share the news article on his social network.

In the “Contacts” section you can find all the necessary contact information about the company, from a phone number to instructions “how to get there”. The page contains a map with the location of the main office, as well as a contact form for visitor letters.