Logo design

The word “logo” is of ancient Greek origin (“logos” is a word and “typos” is an imprint) and today means an original image that represents an organization or a brand.


When someone mentions a well-known brand, we involuntarily draw their logo in our head. It is he who is a reflection of the corporate identity of the company, a symbol of a certain concept. In addition, the logo makes it easier to remember the brand, emphasizing its individuality.


The logo can be represented by a graphic image and / or an inscription. It is the main component of the overall style of the company. Developing a company logo is the first step towards building a strong brand.

The 6 rules for a good logo


“Brevity is the sister of talent”, are you familiar with this expression? Likewise, the logo should be easy to remember and quickly appear in the head. The simpler it is, the better it is for your business to be recognized.


The logo should not only be simple, but also interesting. It should be attractive and attractive to customers. After all, your goal is to increase the sales of your products or services.


Fresh creative ideas are better accepted than old ones – they are easier to remember and win customers over. However, the classic logo styles and their popularity are worth considering.


The logo is to some extent the face of the company, so it should keep up with its concept, highlight its strengths and characteristics.


In the business world, it is important to be flexible, to be able to catch current trends and follow them. But the logo shouldn’t change. It should be versatile.


The logo should help customers recognize your company in 2-3 seconds. He must be different from others and be better than others!