Mobeston is engaged in the sale of auto parts and related products in this industry. The company had a small physical store, so in order to expand its customer base, increase assortment and increase sales, the company decided to order its own online store.


The studio developed the design of a complex online store, taking into account customer needs and modern design trends.


Mobeston is not a simple online store. The key functionality of the site is a huge database of existing brands and models of cars and spare parts for them. For this functionality, we have developed a simple and understandable navigation design as well as a convenient catalog design. In addition, the site has a regular online store with related products.

On the “Company information” page you can acquire all the necessary information on what the company does and its advantages. All the text blocks are logically divided on the page and are accompanied by illustrative images.

The contact page contains all the company data necessary for communication, a feedback form, as well as a map with the location of the store.

On the page of a specific car brand, the division by car model, as well as the wife of various years of a specific model, is conveniently shown.

After choosing the right car model, the right year, the customer opens a catalog with spare parts. The catalog has a beautiful and convenient navigation in the form of a menu of categories and subcategories, as well as in the form of tiles with a picture of the details of this category.

After selecting the desired part category, the customer is shown the options for this part based on various parameters and from different manufacturers. The details are shown in the form of an informative list of products, where each article contains all the necessary information, as well as buttons for additional functionality.

On the page of a specific part, you can familiarize yourself with the description of this part, see the applicability to car models and read additional information, if any. Analogues of this product from the catalog are also shown here.

The online shop for related products looks very simple compared to the spare parts catalog. Browsing by category is conveniently shown here and a list of products is immediately presented.

In the shopping cart, the customer can see which goods he will buy and, if he wishes, change the quantity.

Checkout is very fast and convenient, all necessary windows are on one page and are logically positioned as they are filled with data.