Nordauto Grupp car dealership has been operating for over 5 years and is one of the largest indoor car dealerships in Estonia. The hall with an area of ​​2500 square meters hosts 160 cars, all subjected to technical control, most of them have a manufacturer’s warranty or an additional Nordauto warranty.

The studio has designed and developed an effective and modern website in the style of the company and with all the necessary functions to offer Nordauto cars to potential buyers in the simplest possible way.

The main page of the site contains blocks with key elements, such as a quick search for cars in the catalog, a slider with “hot” offers, quick access to services and maintenance.

The main focus of the site is, of course, the car catalog. The newest cars always appear in the catalog above. If necessary, the cars can be sorted according to the desired criterion. To the right of the car listing is a handy car search, as well as lease calculators. By hovering the cursor over the car, its price is automatically displayed in the calculator and the calculation is performed.

In addition to the car catalog, on the Nordauto website you can familiarize yourself with the services of the car dealership such as
” Order a car “,” Leasing “,” Insurance “, etc., as well as with the maintenance and repair work of the car dealership.


For convenient and simple navigation between services and services, special buttons have been developed, with icons on the subject of a specific service and a signature. Such navigation is convenient as it is located in a prominent place and based on the image, you can already intuitively guess which service this button is conducting.

The service and maintenance pages are designed in the most informative way possible. Each page is accompanied by a thematic background image. In addition to the text, these pages contain all kinds of forms, tables, calculators, banners, etc. Thanks to this set of elements, visitors to the site do not have to search for contact information or a feedback form, they can make a service request directly from the page of the service they are interested in.

On the “About us” page, in an accessible form, you will find all the necessary information about the salon, its location and opening hours. Additionally, there are photographs of the car dealership employees with photographs and contact details. Employees are divided into departments. The photos were taken by a photographer in the studio.

Also on the “About us” page there is a feedback form and a virtual tour of the Nordauto dealership.