Red Dragon

Red Dragon’s sushi and pizza delivery in Tallinn has become even more convenient thanks to the updated website, where you can quickly and easily select your favorite dish and order it on one of the phones.


The studio has developed the Red Dragon website with an impressive number of menu items, but at the same time with easy and convenient navigation.


The main page of the site contains interactive blocks, as well as a small menu of popular locations of some categories.

In the menu you can quickly find the category that interests the visitor, thanks to the colored photos on the category buttons.

In the same category of the menu, there is a handy list of locations, which contains a photograph of the dish, the name, composition and price. In addition, a visitor can easily switch between the sub-categories of a given location by changing the buttons under the title.

On the “Order” page, the visitor can learn how to place an order and what needs to be done for it. Know the cost of delivery in your area, register as a Red Dragon customer and receive discounts by filling out the form.