Social media marketing

Your target audience is discussing your product or service on social networks – we find your customers among them! Through Facebook, VKontakt, Odnoklassniki, you can understand the interests of potential customers, spread information about the company, offer a discount or participate in a promotion. Bright photos on Instagram will interest the target audience, and you can send an offer taking into account the geolocation settings – so that only interested people receive a message. Social media is an important tool for maintaining image and working with customers.


We will analyze the interests and activities of your audience on social networks and launch jobs in different areas:


We will tell you news about your company, we will offer you a service, we will invite you to take part in the action.


We launch viral videos and photos, contests, thematic polls and polls to attract new audiences and maintain loyal attention.


We will customize the display of advertising based on the portrait of your audience, their interests, geolocation, social status, as well as business objectives and indicators.


Contact us!

First, you fill out a brief, in which you talk about the goals and objectives of your business, the result you want to achieve and for how long. We start by studying the market, gathering information about your product or service, analyzing your competitors. We draw conclusions about solutions. , advantages and disadvantages of success, then we develop an SMM work strategy, select thematic sites and draw up a short-term content work plan.


To make the campaign on social networks lively, interesting and attract new people, in the first phase you can participate in its preparation: suggesting ideas, adjusting scenarios, refine contents. At the end of each campaign, we analyze each step and check the result to make the next launch even more effective. This is huge and meticulous work and we will only calm down when we make sure the audience has accepted and loved the key idea of ​​your product.