Development and creation of websites

How can an Internet website help your business grow? A website is a 24/7 office, a brochure and a virtual secretary, all in one package. It is also an effective marketplace for your business. Here the public finds a description of your product and service, learns its advantages over the competition and important information to place an order, pay for it and deliver it.


A good website is a business tool that helps increase sales, product awareness and audience loyalty. In order for the site to recoup costs and make a profit, it is important to immediately set clear goals, understand your customer’s portrait and competitor resources.


“Turnkey work” in our understanding is an interesting and useful site for clients. For the owner – a simple and convenient resource for solving assigned tasks and making a profit. The first condition for a successful site is a sales design, the second is functionality, and the third is content selection. All this is received by our customers.

The cost of building a website, estimations

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If you need to launch a project inexpensive and quickly, we will select and prepare a typical website for you. Using high-quality templates and a ready-made design, we will launch the resource in a week.


If you have a complex project for which you need a unique design, the inclusion of complex functions, hundreds of pages of content, the terms and cost will be calculated after development and final approval. For complex websites, this preparation takes several weeks.

starting from 500€
Personal websites, small business websites, thematic, blogs, etc.
starting from 1000€
Business sites, directories, simple news sites, etc.
starting from 2000€
Online shops, voucher sites, portals, car sites, etc.

How to order the development of a website?

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We can start working on your technical requirements if you know exactly what and how the site should work. Or just fill in a short brief (Form-questionnaire) and our specialists will independently compile a list of requirements. We will study the brief carefully and provide preliminary calculations of the volume, time and cost of labor.


When filling out the brief, determine the purpose of the site. Do you need a business card, corporate, sales or image site? Will a typical project be enough for you or do you need a custom design? What features are needed today and what advanced features will you need in the future? We will suggest the best option and help you save on development.