Website support

You’ve created a website, picked an attractive domain name for it, paid for hosting years in advance. And now the question is: what is missing? Competent technical support. In order for the site to function quickly and without disruption, it needs constant support: status monitoring, link availability, quick technical error elimination, threat protection, module updating, adaptation to changes in search engine criteria and other processes important.


The second rule of site management is to ensure visitor attraction. To do this, you need to create unique and relevant content (photos, images, videos, texts) that will work for you as a 24/7 seller. Fill your landing pages with interesting and useful information that will attract users and motivate them to place an order. It constantly updates the content to keep the interest of the conquered audience and attract a new one.


By ordering full website support from the Webwhale studio, you will receive a working web resource that meets modern computing trends and is filled with unique content that is updated every month.

Why do we offer this service?

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Time saving: it is not necessary to understand the technological processes of the site, to monitor, to master the administration, to find the time to constantly update the content. All this is done by professionals and you get the result in the form of a resource that works without interruption and earn.


Saving money: There is no need to hire a specialist on a permanent basis and pay him a salary. We provide full site support at affordable terms and prices.

4 Types of Website Support